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06 February 2007 @ 03:45 pm
i finished a crossword puzzle!  
I really did, and I can NEVER do those things! Except there's one spot that doesn't make sense, but all the words around it I am pretty much positive are the right words, I think the people messed up. Ha.

I'm going to catch up on reading once I'm done posting. I promise.

Friday night was Strasbourg catch up night. Varsity pizza was very good, and the crepes from the What the Crepe place were amazing, plus those are some cool kids.

Party at Lisa's was fun. Met a bunch of frizbee people, some of who I will be living with next year. Yay! Vu came and met my friends, and everyone got along. We got taco bell at Kimmel at 245 in the morning, and I glittered Vu's head, but he shook it all out.

I'm going home this weekend even though I can't go visit Mo. I just need a break from the school atmosphere, and to see my family because my winter break was shorter than normal and I didn't get enough time. Plus I'm hoping that a night in my own bed(if I can get Matt out of it) might cure the insomnia.

I'm missing lots of people. Following now is a list in no particular order. If you are on the list, lets make plans to see eachother before the end of the year. Good? Good. Oh and feel free to leave me a wonderful message.

Mel, Mo, Sara R, Steph M, Katie Gill, Lauren, Lydia, Eric, Jennifer B, Paul, Claire, Tina, Andres, Diana, Steph W, Michaela, Grandma.
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(Anonymous) on February 11th, 2007 09:26 pm (UTC)
Yay for scrabble in starbucks and finding all the books we cant buy. sorry i fell asleep and didnt get to see you more. hope you had(have) a safe ride back to school! LOVE. Guin.